As The Walking Dead heads into its Season 5 finale, we’re on pins and needles waiting to see what’ll happen to Rick and the gang now that their place in Alexandria has become more scrutinized. Speaking of, perhaps those pins and needles could be used to rip a walker’s face off, or some other disgusting manner of deadly vengeance. And hey, speaking of disgusting manners of vengeance, we’ve pulled together the ten grossest moments from The Walking Dead’s splatter-filled five seasons for a smorgasbord of guts, gore and glory.

It’s no easy feat picking just ten moments, as part of the fun in watching this show is seeing just how far the effects team takes things. But it’s not all about how much blood is shed, as sometimes an act in and of itself can be more heinous than the viscera. For the sake of brevity, we left off the most disgusting element of the show – Carl still being alive – because that’s less a moment than an ongoing scourge.

10. That Time the Bike Girl Appeared
An oldie but a goodie, Season 1’s bicycle girl zombie (who couldn’t walk, despite being a walker) was one of The Walking Dead’s very first showcases of how horrifying this post-apocalypse could be. And all it took was half a body and a set of lingering-behind intestines. Kudos to the creative team for giving her a webisode, so that we could put a name (Hannah) and an unrotting face on our nightmares.

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