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It's right about this time of year that my craving for Big Brother begins to emerge from hibernation. Right now, the best I can do to quench that thirst is check in with The Amazing Race, as former Big Brother contestants Brendon and Rachel are unsurprisingly still in the running. As for Big Brother, we're months away from the reality show's return, but on the bright side, CBS has set the date for the fourteenth season of the series. CBS has also announced the premiere date for the upcoming new dating series 3.

CBS hasn't offered us much information in the way of twists or other clues about the new season of Big Brother, but those details are usually kept pretty quiet until much closer to the premiere. But we do know now when Season 14 will debut. The reality competition series, which has people quarantined in a house for weeks as they compete against one another in various competitions, will premiere on Thursday, July 12 at 9:00 p.m. The series will air three times a week as usual, with taped episodes airing on Sunday and Wednesday, and the live eviction show airing on Thursday nights. As always, Julie Chen will return to host.

Meanwhile, set to premiere on Sunday, July 22, 3 is a new dating series that has three single women searching for true love. The initial special is 90 minutes, but the episodes that follow will be an hour long.

CBS also has Dogs in the City set to premiere on Wednesday, May 30. This reality show follows New York City dog guru Justin Silver as he works with dogs and their owners to help resolve their issues.

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