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Family Guy has found a huge audience since its return to Fox and had one of the funniest panels of all of Comic-Con last year. Fortunately pretty much the same people are back including voice actors Alex Bornstein, Mila Kunis, Seth Green, Mike Henry and, of course, creator Seth MacFarlane who also performs. Joining the ensemble are showrunners Mark Hentemann and Steve Callaghan.

1:45 p.m. Liars! Hopefully, only a few more minutes!

1:50 What's the deal?

1:52 The panel begins with Footage! Be back shortly.

1:57 The sizzle reel was pretty funny. It was just a random collection of gags, so very similar to an episode, and some were hilarious. I especially liked the part when they reversed time and events we've seen before were run in reverse including the chicken fight and the family vomit scene (yes, the vomit went back in).

1:58 The cast are introduced. Borstein is pregnant and showing it off. Green gets a huge cheer and then goes and makes out with exec producer Steve Callaghan. Henry comes out and tries to have his way with Green. Green allows this but asks for a $20. Absent the last few years, Mila Kunis is introduced to a roar and Borstein goes over to get some. Kunis, "what is happening?" And of course, MacFarlane comes out last.

2:00 Some upcoming eps: the family will climb Everest, Peter becomes a meth dealer and also the 200th show is the aforementioned reversed episode.

2:03 The first fan asks if Mac is a manatee. A South Park reference that they all let slip.

2:04 Next questioner asks if they've ever gotten any crap from the celebs that they've mocked. Carol Burnett was not too happy mopping up, uh, semen so a lawsuit was filed. Seth doesn't know the result, he didn't follow up. Berstein adds that she's just not used to cleaning up.

2:05 A kid asks a question while eating a jar of mayo. It's rather disgusting but providing the panel with some great fodder. Green asks if he actually has a question or just wants to performance art this mayo character. He asks if they would ever consider a cross-over with American Dad. They have already. He gets some shit from Green, 'the DVDs are out.'

2:08 The stoner dude from a few panels ago returns and asks what MacFarlane's formula is... Mac makes fun of his hat, saying he's needed back on Annie Hall. Green explains to the crowd that this was a film from Woody Allen.

2:10 Would they ever consider swapping animation styles with The Simpsons for a show. Mac, "probably not."

2:11 Someone asked about the 'Viewer Mail' episode with Robin Williams and what they actual letter said. Callaghan admits they just made it up. No buddy mails in. Green looks horrified.

2:13 Towelee asks the next question but Seth turns it on him, in Peter's voice, if he's a fucking capri sun? He wants to know if there will be more movie spoofs coming up and they've considered Indiana Hones but probably not. George Lucas is apparently really cool with it and Mac seems gracious.

2:15 A fan does a killer Herbert impression and gets Henry and Green improving a twisted scene between Chris and the creepy old perv. Once again, Mac reads the back of his name tag about watching your language and says, "too fucking late for that."

2:17 More musical albums from Mac and can he sing a bit? Well. He says he can't sing, which the fans will not accept. After a swig of water and a throat clear... "Laura." There are tentative plans to do another album. He would like to do one more, maybe a Christmas album.

2:20 Is Ted Stewie and Rupert grown up? You know, it's not.

2:21 Borstein brings back the sign language joke from last year. Green wants to see 'giant flippity floppily saggy dong.' Kunis is dying laughing as Green tries his hand at signing.

2:24 Casting question. Borstein came straight from MadTV and there was no one else. Kunis killed an audition because she was the actress who played it real and not overly cartoony. Green showed up and instead of doing a surfer dude like everyone else, he did a Buffalo Bill Silence of the Lambs impression.

2:26 Next 'road episode?' The season finale is called "The Road to Vegas" which will have two different stories of Stewie and Brian's trip, one good and one bad. And with a wave to the crowd it's over.

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