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It sounds like what's gone around for three seasons of The Walking Dead is about to come around for Robert Kirkman when he makes a cameo on Robot Chicken. A photo from the comic creator and TV executive producer's spot on the Adult Swim series has made its way online, along with a few spoilery details about his appearance.

E! Online shared the photo below, which gives us a look at Kirkman (kind of) on Robot Chicken and pretty much gives away his fate in the stop-motion animation sketch comedy show.

It looks like he's become the meal to a hungry hoard of zombies. And we can see some of his innards being pulled out. Kind of reminds me of that horse scene from the pilot, with maybe a little bit of Dale's awful Season 2 moment thrown in. As for what actually happens to Kirkman leading up to this gory moment:
Kirkman has not seen the final cut just yet. "I know that I come out during some sort of argument and I try to talk about zombies for a little bit, but then I am swiftly eaten and devoured by a bunch of zombies," Kirkman tells us. "It's not the biggest role and I don't expect to be winning an Emmy anytime soon. But hopefully it will be memorable enough to have a lasting effect in the Robot universe."

Well, given the number of characters he's fed to zombies in his comic and in the TV series - (TWD vague spoiler alert!) the AMC drama lost two main characters during last Sunday's episode alone, though only one was eaten by zombies - Kirkman being devoured by dead people seems kind of fitting. Almost poetic, really.

E! says Kirkman did his own screaming for the part, which had to be fun. The episode will air November 18. Robot Chicken airs Wednesday at 12:00 a.m. ET on Adult Swim.

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