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Surprisingly, we haven't seen a whole lot of Kevin Connolly since Entourage wrapped up a couple of years back. But that may be changing, should things go well for the comedy pilot James van der Beek is starring in. Connolly is tapped to join the Don't Trust the B---- In Apt 23 star in the CBS project, and like van der Beek, he'll also be playing a gynecologist.

The multi-camera comedy comes from Friends writer Dana Klein, and follows a group of 30-somethings who think each other has it better. When we learned of van der Beek's casting, we knew that he was one of two gynecologists featured in the potential series, titled Friends with Better Lives. This week, EW reports that Connolly has been cast to play the role of Bobby Lutz, the other gynecologist and best friend to van der Beek's character. He joins Brooklyn Decker and Rick Donald in the pilot.

Connolly was attached to a project with the same title last fall, which was being executive produced by Rob Long.

Connolly's probably best known for his role as Eric, the more responsible of the foursome of friends in Entourage, but his credits go all the way back to a role in Rocky V. Later in the 90s, he starred in Unhappily Ever After. And then, during his Entourage years, he appeared in a number of features, including The Notebook and He's Just Not That Into You. Since the HBO comedy wrapped up, we haven't seen much of him, though he did appear in Sebastian Gutierrez' crime drama Hotel Noir, and his voice can be heard in some of the Best Buy commercials. So we may be seeing him back on the small screen soon enough.

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