Here at Cinema Blend, we hope you’re having the best Thanksgiving of your life, because the holidays are about spending time with those you love. (Among other gravy-covered things.) But we’re not so naïve to think that happiness is the only emotion prevalent any time a big group of family members gets together. The terror of skeletons coming out of closets (that are then ripped down to splinters) is enough to make one lose faith in Thanksgiving’s pigskin on TV and skinned pig in the oven. But it could be worse.

You could have to spend this traditionally joyous occasion with some of television’s most insipid, awkward, lame, hateful or standoffish characters sitting around you at the Thanksgiving dinner table. Here are 12 of the worst TV family members you will thankfully never find yourself asking to “pass the pecan pie and 180-proof eggnog.” Enjoy your families, guys.

Father: Friends’ Charles Bing
One of Chandler Bing’s more steadfast character traits through much of Friends’ run is his dismissal of Thanksgiving. That was the day his parents announced their divorce, brought on by his father Charles banging the pool boy, and the memory has scarred Chandler for life. Nobody needs this guy hanging around for a while and then destroying futures before changing sexes and becoming Kathleen Turner. Although the Kathleen Turner version is certainly welcome to stop by and say hello.

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