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Put Tobias Funke In Every Summer Blockbuster With New Arrested Development Viral Site

Say goodbye to the rest of your afternoon. Tobias Funke, the doctor and "analrapist" who spent three seasons of Arrested Development chasing fame, is back just in time for the show's return on Netflix, and he's set up an audition page that will eat away whatever productivity you had left today. At, Tobias has kindly provided images and video of himself in front of a green screen, in various costumes, so that you-- or James Cameron, as he suggests in his intro video-- can simply pop him into whatever scene. Above you can see him in doctor mode, being just as baffled by John Harrison as Kirk and Spock are. Let's see what happens when he tries to join the Fast & Furious 6 gang.

And that's just what I managed to do with the app on the site and some very rudimentary Photoshop skills-- those of you who actually know what you're doing with these things, get to work. It's pretty much the only way to survive the rest of the wait before Arrested Development finally makes its return via Netflix this Sunday, since we've already watched the "Final Countdown" trailer over and over again, we've parsed through absolutely everything we know about the new series, and we've even followed the banana stand on tour. Really, the only logical next step was Photoshopping Tobias into the summer's movies.

OK, fine, one more: here's Tobias doing a really, really bad job of apprehending Superman.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend