A week from tonight, Showtime will premiere the limited series event, which will see the conclusion of Cathy Jamison's story with The Big C: Hereafter. The 4-episode final season will close out the story for better or worse, in what is likely to be a tearful wrap-up to this series, which has managed to be both funny and heartbreaking all at once in all the right ways.

The above trailer reveals that Adam is about to celebrate his Sweet 16, which for guys, is probably just "turning 16," minus the "sweet" part, or else "the year I get my license." It's clear his mother's going out of her way to make sure it's a special birthday for him. What I love most about the trailer, beyond Cathy's adorable loud-speaker message that she's leaving her job to enjoy her life, is the way Adam responds to it. Any other kid would be mortified to be called out like that by their mother in the middle of school, and maybe on some level, Adam is, but by the way he's shaking his head and wiping his eyes, it looks like he recognizes the value of such a memorable, affectionate display from his mother.

Remember that thing I said about this show being both funny and heartbreaking? There it is, right there. I'm still not ready for this series to end - or more specifically, for whatever ending Hereafter is going to deliver. But based on this latest glimpse at the final not-quite-season, it looks like The Big C will be back to form for Hereafter.

The Big C: Hereafter debuts Monday, April 29 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on Showtime.

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