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Well, we knew we were in store for many a more True Detective parodies, didn't we? Considering the vice-like grip on current popular culture the divisive and exciting HBO series was during its brief, 8-week stint, it was inevitable. With characters — and we mean characters — like Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson at the helm, so easy to parody as they are, the Nic Pizzolatto series was ripe for potential parody. So, naturally, Jimmy Kimmel and Seth Rogen decided to take a stab at it.

And stab away they did — with an innuendo-laced ferocity, the two dudes took over the roles of Rust Cohle (Rogen) and Marty Hart (Kimmel) as they uncovered a horrible truth. Namely that someone had defiled the infamous Austin frog mural and turned his precious, bulging eyes into… boobs. A warning, if bodily focused schtick isn’t your comedic cup of tea, then this might not be the video for you. But if you’re a fan of these dudes (or True Detective) regardless, this bit of silly will certainly satisfy your cravings for goofballery.

Like the way in which Rogen’s Rust-based platitudes end up being just the lyrics from popular 80s songs, or how elaborate he can make his beer canscapes look. There’s even a cameo from a real, live member of the actual True Detective cast in the mix: Michael Potts, who played Detective Maynard Gilbough in the modern-day portions of the series.

Theirs is, of course, not the only take on the series’ wildly specific genre, aesthetic, and tone. Earlier this month, Joel McHale and Jim Rash of NBC’s Community also got in on the action for McHale’s other TV show, The Soup on E! The duo poked fun at just how little people understand what the characters are actually saying.

And who could forget True Detective, cat edition, eh? Eh?

We’re sure there’s only more where this came from — withdrawal is a hell of an inspirer — as we sit and wait with breath that is baited for HBO and Pizzolatto to bring us the second installment of the series.

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