These Rick And Morty T-Shirts Will Get You Pumped For Season 3

Rick and Morty

Fans are eagerly awaiting Season 3 of Adult Swim Rick and Morty, the show that gave us such amazing things like Birdperson, interdimensional cable, and Mr. Poopy Butthole. We've still got a while to go before we see any footage from the animated sci-fi comedy, but maybe these new t-shirts will be enough to hold people over. Any Rick and Morty fans who happen to be rap aficionados will definitely be able to make some connections. Check them out!

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Rick and Morty have teamed up with the rap group Run the Jewels to make these pretty cool t-shirts of the title duo squabbling over some bling. Courtesy of the Run the Jewels Twitter account, we've gotten our first look at the collection, dubbed Rick the Jewels. The two cartoon characters are acting out the rap duo's iconic "fist and gun" pose ( side fact: Marvel used the pose on three different comic book covers, one of which featured Howard the Duck and Rocket Racoon).

The collection consists of a t-shirt, tank top, and crewneck sweatshirt. This limited collection goes on sale today and could go quickly, so hop on over to Daylight Curfew to get your shirt(s) before they sell out. And then you'll just have this picture to look at.

Hopefully, this gets everyone excited for Season 3! The third season of the brilliant animated series is supposed to premiere by the end of the year, so with any luck, we'll be seeing some footage soon enough (maybe at Comic-Con?). We don't really know that much about Season 3 other than a few tiny details. Co-creator and voice of Rick and Morty, Justin Roiland (Adventure Time), said that this season was the best they've ever done and we know that the season will consist of 14 episodes rather than the usual 10. There have also been some rumblings that there will be an "Interdimensional Cable 3," a sequel to the almost entirely improvised episodes where the characters just watch crazy TV shows and commercials from other dimensions. Of course, Season 3 will have to resolve the cliffhanger from the previous season, where Rick was arrested and sent to an intergalactic prison.

To cultivate the seeds of hype, here's a classic Rick and Morty clip from Season One that features good old Ants In My Eyes Johnson, who thinks he's selling really cheap appliances but isn't really sure because he can't see anything past the ants in his eyes. Also, he can't feel pain.

Make sure to stay tuned to CinemaBlend for more Rick and Morty information as it becomes available. I think it's safe to say that we're all eagerly awaiting news for the new season and all the crazy nonsensical shenanigans that await!

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