No matter how many incredible new TV series are being released on a yearly basis by TV networks and streaming services, audiences are always going to find a way to make hits out of the most generic and unimaginative shows. That was certainly the case in the 1990s, where so many mediocre sitcoms became inexplicably popular that it seemed like entire studio audiences were being heavily bribed before tapings began.

Here are 10 highly-watched sitcoms from the 1990s that most people who are honest with themselves can agree were pretty terrible in most ways. Note, however, that this doesn't necessarily make the shows unwatchable, as guilty pleasures exist for a reason. First up, the show that finally gave pop culture the unspellable grunt it had been missing.

Home Improvement

The 1990s was a key era for stand-up comedians landing giant network series, and 1991 was apparently the perfect time for Tim Allen's domesticated hyper-machismo and his "there isn't a problem that can't be solved with a lawnmower engine" mindset to latch themselves onto American audiences' brains. Home Improvement, which also launched Pamela Anderson into the TV stratosphere, got even bigger as Allen's film career took off and its young actors' faces were plastered across teen magazines. But, sweet Jesus behind a fence, how did this lowest common denominator brand of humor become the most-watched show on TV at any point? While there were some perfectly fine episodes during its eight-season run, it quickly reached a point where it was humanly impossible not to know every episode's narrative arc based on any random 60 seconds of footage, and Tim Taylor became a live-action cartoon that undercut whatever emotional beats were getting shoehorned between celeb cameos and props getting demolished. I always thought Home Improvement was extremely terrible, but we can all agree it's kinda bad, right?

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