Full House was a sitcom for the whole family with so much charm that a whole generation of kids can still break out into the theme song at a moment’s notice. Luckily, that theme song came back in an updated form in the Full House continuation Fuller House, which premiered on Netflix on February 26. All that is old was new again as D.J., Stephanie and Kimmy filled the places of Danny, Jesse and Joey to raise some youngsters and get into some serious shenanigans. Fuller House brought back almost everything, from the majority of the original cast to the canned laughter. With all thirteen episodes released at once, the big question that soon arose was of whether or not the Tanners and Co. would be back for a second season. Here’s a look at what we know so far.

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Is It Already Renewed
Netflix didn’t keep fans on the edge for too long about whether or not a second season of Fuller House was in the works. The streaming service released the news of a renewal via a tweet on the series’ Twitter page only six days after the first season hit the web. Reviews weren’t exactly 100% positive, but John Stamos’ early prediction that there would be much more Fuller House to fill our Netflix queues seems to be coming true. Netflix doesn’t release ratings, but it’s safe to assume that the numbers for the first week were definitely encouraging. The extended family’s zany adventures will have the chance to get even zanier.

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How Many Episodes Are Fans Getting
There’s no official episode count just yet for Season 2, but Fuller House will likely get the same order of thirteen episodes as it got for Season 1. Most Netflix originals have gotten between ten and thirteen installments per season, and thirteen half-hour episodes seems to have been the perfect amount of throwback fun. Thirteen also happens to be a pretty ideal length for binge-watching, so another season order of the same length could be a win all around.

When Will It Premiere?

Early on, we assumed new episodes were going to premiere in 2017, mostly because Netflix has a penchant for airing its originals around the same time each year. However, recently Netflix announced that Fuller House Season 2 would actually be returning to the schedule on December 9 at 12:01 a.m. PT. That's only 10 months after the first season aired. So, if you liked the show, you will certainly be getting a lot of it in 2016.

Netflix does have plenty of other originals in the works as well. Season 2 began taping in front of a live studio audience in May, and we got some adorable photos from the set when it happened.

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