We are so very close to the Season 1 premiere of Netflix’s Fuller House, the revival of the classic cheesefest Full House that has been drawing mixed reviews from critics over the past few days. The return of the Tanner family, and the introduction of the clan’s next generation, has us guiltily excited about its future, but this also feels like a good time to peer back into the past to ABC’s sitcom heyday with its Friday night comedy block, marketed as TGIF.

Here are the 10 greatest sitcoms from the TGIF era, all ranked and ready for everyone in the studio audience to cheer and applaud. Note that not all of the shows that aired during TGIF will be seen here, obviously. For instance, Mr. Belvedere was a Friday night fixture, but only part of its final season aired during the newly established TGIF block before being moved. And there are a bunch of short-lived shows, like Going Places and Camp Wilder, that just weren’t memorable at all. I still have an unapologetic soft spot for Baby Talk, though.

muppets tonight
10. Muppets Tonight
One of those Muppet projects that usually gets brushed under memory’s rug, Muppets Tonight got only part of a single TGIF season in 1996 before it was chopped up and shipped off to the Disney Channel. While it wasn’t necessarily the most hilarious thing out there, it hit all the Muppet talking points by centering on a variety/talk show and utilizing sketches that brought in multiple guest stars from all walks of entertainment. It even went so far as to bring back “Pigs in Space” for “Deep Dish Nine” scenes, and was also where Pepé the King Prawn came into being. Anything Muppets-related is automatically better than most other things, but Muppets Tonight could only round out the Top 10 where TGIF is concerned.

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