Tonight, Lifetime will go the made-for-TV-movie distance by premiering The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story. And even though I’d like to be hopping from town to town, screaming about it from rooftops, my time is probably better served here, pulling together some of the “greatest” lip sync-and-synthesizer moments from Saved by the Bell’s history with the musical form.

For guidelines here, I stuck to the series’ heyday: post-Miss Bliss and pre-New Class, skipping the Golic-filled College Years altogether. And even within this limited selection, I had to rely on YouTube clips to find the songs, so I apologize now for how choppy some of these videos are, as well as for missing out on a few gems. (“Let us learn while we burn!”) Chances are, however, you’ll be able to sing and perform these ditties at your computer without even needing to click the video. In some cases, that’s the only way your sanity will continue to thrive. Now slap on some unfashionable sunglasses, rub a handful of hairgel through your bleach-blonde locks and let’s go!

The Theme Song
After a childhood of Saved by the Bell reruns, I can no longer hear a bell sound without expecting a snare drum to interrupt it, followed by a nightmarish situation where being late and not having homework totally have the potential to ruin one’s day. Luckily, it’s all right, because the bell is a savior. I’ve never been in a situation where handing in my homework a day late was acceptable under the circumstances that the teacher’s eyesight was so bad that he or she didn’t see me riding low. But it was the dream; one of many that this show inspired. And it’s a dream I’m having instead of hearing my alarm. Dammit, I’m late!

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