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Spoilers are in this story if you aren't caught up on the HBO drama!

Game of Thrones Season 6 finale was filled with a lot of satisfying moments and a lot of bitter ones. Arya Stark and Cersei Lannister both got revenge. Bran Stark finally learned about Jon Snow's true parentage. Dany finally got moving to take over Westeros and Jon Snow finally reunited the various houses in The North. Among all of those big moments, among the deaths and the crowning and the side plotting, many Game of Thrones fans probably didn't notice a subtle moment. In the opening credits, the series changed the sigil showing up on Winterfell. Formerly, it showed the flaying man, indicating House Bolton, but now it is back to displaying the rightful direwolf sigil.

jon snow the king of the north

The Game of Thrones intro hasn't changed greatly from season to season, but there are occasionally changes that can be seen by the fans that are paying attention. After Theon Greyjoy took over Winterfell in Season 2, for instance, fans saw the smoldering ashes of Winterfell instead of a proud house set in the North. The ruins of Winterfell changed again when Ramsay made the digs his home, looking like this:

bolton sigil

Last week, during "The Battle of the Bastards," Jon Snow and his army of wildlings and a few other men from The North took on Ramsay Bolton and his far superior army. Jon Snow and co. put up a good fight, but it seemed clear they were destined to lose---at least until Sansa came through with a secret plan to bring Littlefinger's men into the battle. The move may have caused some problems between Jon and Sansa, but it did allow them to take back Winterfell, although they lost Ricken in the process.

Because Winterfell is now owned by the Starks again, the Episode 10 intro looked like this:

winterfell sigil

A few sharp cookies noticed the changes, taking to social media to clue the rest of us in, including this awesome human, who used a Steve Harvey gif to proclaim how excited she was. I must say, you can't go wrong with a Steve Harvey gif.

Don't fret, though, if you don't really pay attention to the opening credits, Game of Thrones actually went out of its way at the end of Episode 9 and then again in the "last week on GOT" feature to show us the Stark army moving into the castle, finding all of the old house banners and draping them over the side again. It certainly made the place feel a lot homier.

While Game of Thrones has been renewed for Season 7 already, new episodes won't hit the schedule until next spring. Find out what we know about the new season, here.

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