We Could Watch These John Cena Hidden Camera Prank Videos All Day

If you've ever wondered what it would be like to have WWE superstar John Cena jump toward you from out of nowhere while you were minding your own business, now's your chance to find out. The wrestler has gone all-in on surprising some of his super fans, and the videos are just too much fun to ignore. Take a look.

This video, which was posted to the Cricket Wireless YouTube page, shows how the WWE star and the mobile company partnered to, well, scare the shit out of some of his fans. But, you know, all in good fun. This "Unexpected John Cena" prank video refers to the unexpected John Cena meme that went around last fall. Basically, if you were watching a video and it suddenly got interrupted by John Cena's face, his horn-section happy WWE theme song and the dulcet tones of what must be a very large man yelling "JOHN CENA!" then you just ran into the unexpected John Cena meme. Man, I've typed the name John Cena way more than I ever thought I would just now. Oh, well.

The set up is pretty simple, Cricket Wireless asked for some mega fans to audition for spots to be brand ambassadors for John Cena's wireless store, which sounds random and awesome at the same time, and is probably why such a good number of fans showed up. They're all then asked to introduce their wrestling idol, with him watching quietly behind the scenes, and just as they finish he busts his way through the paper image of himself that's been behind the auditionees the whole time. He's joined by a two-person horn section playing his theme music, because don't you have a small band following you around and playing your personal theme every time you enter a room? No? Huh, I guess it's just me and John Cena, then. Really, you guys are missing out.

After Cena appears, of course, madness ensues. We get through all the preliminary intros, and then watch a little boy pledge to "risk a limb to meet John Cena," but, luckily, Cricket Wireless and the WWE don't require that much of a sacrifice. Cena plows through the backdrop and scares that adorable child shitless, to the point where he jumps backwards, lands on the floor and then skids a little bit before being able to jump up and embrace the good-natured wrestler in his excitement.

As you can imagine, the video is filled with screaming, jumping, smiling, laughing and lots of beautifully shocked faces. John Cena's adult fans are just as happy as his young fans, because when you're surprised by a musclebound man and are trying really hard not to curse anyone out the only thing there is to do is look as happy as possible. The best part about this video is how easy it is to just watch repeatedly. There's nothing quite like having an unexpected John Cena put a smile on your face.

Adrienne Jones
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