One Way Samurai Jack Will Be Different In Season 5

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We're living in a golden age of nostalgia, which means that some of the most beloved properties of our childhoods will soon make their way back to the forefront of pop culture. One such TV show that will soon see a long-awaited revival is none other than Cartoon Network's Samurai Jack -- a show centering on a character that most certainly doesn't live in any sort of golden age. However, it's been a long time since audiences have seen Jack grace the small screen, and as such there are certain changes that the series plans to make. As the series' fifth season inches closer and closer to release, we now have some much-needed details about how Samurai Jack will change in the coming revival. Director Genndy Tartakovsky recently revealed that the timeline is changing, which means the character will be changing in Season 5, as well. He said:

The finale of the last episode and the beginning of this one have no connection. When we start, we're definitely a few years later. You don't have to watch Episode 52 (the former finale) to start the series. What's changed in Jack's world is a lot. There's a lot of drama that's happened.

In a brand new behind-the-scenes sneak peak of Samurai Jack's fifth season, director Genndy Tartakovsky explained how the creative team approached the continuity of the upcoming revival, noting that you don't have to be a die-hard fan of Samurai Jack in order to get into the upcoming fifth season of the Cartoon Network series. The creative team behind the show understands that time has passed since the animated series originally came to an end, and they will craft a narrative that honors that passage of time. Although important elements like Genndy Tartakovsky and Phil LaMarr will return to the series, it will remain open enough to draw in new fans in addition to old ones.

In keeping with that passage of time, Darrick Bachman also explained that the Jack we see in the upcoming revival of the legendary series will differ from what we as fans have come to expect. He said:

In the original series, he was a very heroic person on a very rigid quest. Now we pick up with him and it's many years after the fact and he's a little lost. It's a story of redemption.

There isn't too much to glean from this statement, but it looks like we will see a new side to Jack that we had previously not noticed before. While his character has generally come across as an outright hero over the years, it now seems like Jack will become a much darker anti-hero who seeks to return to his former righteous way. Other members of the production have even used words like "moody" and "emotional" to describe the new nature of the beloved character. Only time will tell how this pans out, but we have to say that we think it's a fascinating direction for the series to take.

In case you missed it a few months ago, check out the teaser for Samurai Jack Season 5 and get excited about your favorite warrior's return to television:

Although Cartoon Network or Adult Swim has not yet announced an official release date for the fifth season of Samurai Jack, we know that it will air sometime in 2016 or 2017. For now, you can check out what's coming up in the world of television with our premiere schedule.

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