Pictures Of A Walking Dead Actor Are Causing A New Round Of Conspiracy Theories

Who the hell did The Walking Dead's Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) kill on the Season 6 finale? That question has become one of the most talked about television mysteries since "who shot J.R?" or at least "is Jon Snow dead?" It was an infuriating cliffhanger, but it had the desired impact: it got viewers talking. Fan theories have continued to pile up regarding the mystery death, and one Walking Dead actor's recent social media posts have only continued to fuel speculation, such as the one, below.

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A variety of Instagram posts made by The Walking Dead actress Lauren Cohan have some people under the assumption that her character Maggie will die by Negan's hand when the AMC series returns this fall. She has posted numerous photos of herself in beach-oriented locations over the last six weeks with no indication that she's anywhere near the Georgia-based set. This seems curious to many fans because Season 7 of the hit series is currently undergoing production, and many members of the cast are accounted for.

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In a way it would make a great deal of sense for the series to kill Maggie at this point. Her character has already begun to experience extreme health complications as a result of her pregnancy, and her death at the business end of Lucille would represent a clear inversion of Glenn's similar demise in the source material.

However, while there's a strong degree of validity to this particular conspiracy theory, we still have no way of confirming it. Like plenty of other television shows, The Walking Dead doesn't keep all of its actors on set all of the time. Lauren Cohan could simply be travelling at the present moment because the series doesn't currently need her to film her Maggie scenes.

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Then there's the simple fact that this conspiracy theory is just one of many that have come up in recent months. While plenty of people have concluded that Maggie could bite the dust when The Walking Dead premieres, there are just as many others who think that her husband Glenn will die because it has precedent in the comics, and actor Steven Yeun spent time filming a movie far away from The Walking Dead production. Then there are those who think Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) will die because he's the only member of Rick's group who stood up to Negan, and THEN there are those who think Eugene (Josh McDermitt) will die because he handed off his bullet recipe to Rick and finally became the hero he wanted to be. I could go on but you get the idea; there are a lot of theories surrounding this mystery death.

Although Maggie's death makes a ton of sense, we likely won't know if she's Negan's victim for certain before The Walking Dead returns this fall. While we wait for an official return date, you can find out when the rest of your fall favorites are returning with our TV premiere schedule.

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