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The true crime genre has experienced a serious shot of adrenaline over the last couple of years. From True Detective to The People v. OJ Simpson, television series inspired by real life crimes have become incredibly common and popular. One series that has taken this concept to infuriating lengths is Netflix's Making A Murderer. The story revolved around Steven Avery's alleged murder of Teresa Halbach, and the creative forces behind the series have some serious plans to evolve the show for its next season.

Speaking with Deadline about Making A Murderer's success and follow-up season, writer and director Moira Demos explained that finding a way to properly tell Steven Avery's continuously evolving story represents the show's next major hurdle. She said:

The story does continue. We are committed to finding a way to follow it, and we'll need to explore a different way to do it this time, because it is in the zeitgeist, it is in the 24-hour news cycle. So we're looking at new ways of doing that.

The first season of Making A Murderer really represented an entirely different type of project because very few people outside of Manitowoc County really had any serious awareness of the Steven Avery case. Now that Making A Murderer has become a major phenomenon around the world, the filmmakers have to find a way to evolve the format of the series. The original installment of the hugely successful series took a decade to properly assemble and put together. With that in mind, it seems that release format of Making A Murderer will have to be changed to reflect real time in order to make a proper second season even feasible.

Making A Murderer became a complete sensation last year when it premiered on Netflix. Chronicling the story of Steven Avery and his nephew Brendan Dassey through their trial and conviction for the murder of Teresa Halbach, the show becomes one of the most infuriating documentaries ever to debut on the the streaming platform. Although plenty of people have come forward to assert that Making A Murderer does not present enough compelling arguments to exonerate Avery or Dassey for the crime, few people can argue against the fact that the show chronicles a crazy miscarriage of justice with regards to the lack of fairness in either man's trial. Avery continues his fight to get his conviction overturned, and we as an audience continue to watch in awe.

One thing is for sure: a second season of Making A Murderer means that we will likely continue furiously scratching our heads. We will keep you posted with any and all updated related to the Netflix series. Make sure to check out our summer premiere schedule for more information related to all of the most highly anticipated TV debuts.

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