Watch The Simpsons’ Hilarious Reaction To Pokemon Go

If there is a major pop culture event occurring, there's one thing that almost immediately follows: The Simpsons will somehow work it into a recent episode. This is the case for important moment like Presidential elections, but it can also include more silly events. The latter has just happened, as The Simpsons released a clip that focuses on everyone's favorite nostalgia-inducing mobile game, Pokemon Go. Check it out below.

Pretty great, right? I honestly never thought that I'd hear the likes of Homer Simpson list Pokemon after Pokemon. That dude is a regular Pokedex these days.

The folks behind The Simpsons did a great job with this short, which I'm assuming won't appear in an actual episode of the show. Never one to stray away from addressing current events, this clip mashes up some unlikely headlines: the release and insane popularity of Pokemon Go and the recent tragic incident involving Harambe the Gorilla at Cincinnati.

The clip begins with Homer Simpson on a zoo bench playing the massively popular mobile game Pokemon Go. While there are animals and exhibits around him, and he's supposed to be taking care of Bart and Lisa, he's too focused on trying to catch em all to look up from his phone.

From there, things descend further into madness, as Lisa and Bart attempt to get their dimwitted father's attention. Bart, in particular, begins to put himself in danger, as he climbs into the exhibit holding a lion. Clearly a nod to the Cincinnati Gorilla incident, Homer is just too distracted to watch out for Bart, and the boy eventually gets real cuddly with the lion.

Perhaps my favorite part of the animated short was Homer's reaction to Bart's fake injuries. We all know that the patriarch usually ends up strangling Bart for his back sass, but this time he changed things up. Instead, he took the boy and threw him back into the lion habitat, presumably to his death. Cowabunga.

Homer's distraction due to Pokemon Go is truly reminiscent to some of the craziness that the mobile game has caused since its release. Because so many people are playing, there are far larger chances of somebody making a big mistake and messing up their life. There have already been reports of people losing their jobs, being robbed, needing rescue from a tunnel, and even finding dead bodies. Pokemon Go may be popular, but it's clearly not all fun and games.

Corey Chichizola
Movies Editor

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