One Teen Made A Shocking Discovery As She Was Playing Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go
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A young girl from Wyoming was out trying to collect Pokemon, playing Nintendo and Niantic's new Pokemon Go app for mobile phones and smart devices. The girl, however, made a shocking discovery while playing: she happened upon a dead body.

Gizmodo picked up the story from a local news station, Country10, where they reported that a young girl named Shayla Wiggins, who lives in a mobile park with her mother, began finding and catching Pokemon in Nintendo's Pokemon Go.

The girl ventured outside of the park and began to trek down toward a nearby river in order to catch some water Pokemon. This led her to hopping over a fence and venturing to a part of the river where she had never been before. While surveying the area for some Pokemon, Shayla Wiggins ended up discovering something she hadn't planned on seeing that day... a dead body.

Down by the river and near an overpass, Shayla Wiggins discovered a slightly submerged body. Wiggins contacted the police about it and the county Sheriff began an investigation. According to the press release that they issued, the body was an adult male, located near the Highway 789 Bridge.

The reports have yet to identify the body, but somehow they've already come to presume that the death was "accidental". They didn't release any information detailing exactly why they believe the death was accidental, but that's all the info on the body so far.

According to KTVQ, Wiggins explained that once she happened upon the body she quickly called the police and was quite distraught thereafter.

"It was pretty shocking," [...] "I didn't really know what to do at first. But I called 911 right away and they came really quickly." [...] "I was pretty scared and cried for a while,"

Some of the comments from people on the article saw them being curious if Wiggins still tried to capture any Pokemon in the area, or if she immediately stopped and gave up once the body was discovered. But that may be in poor taste. It's likely safe to assume based on the news reports that Pokemon Go was no longer a priority for Wiggins after happening upon the body.

The interesting thing about it is that if it weren't for Pokemon Go there's no telling how long that body would have stayed submerged in the water near the bridge. If the police do gain any leads about the body and it leads to any arrest, it would be kind of weird knowing that a Nintendo game helped in the investigation.

For now, Nintendo and developers Niantic Labs are more so concerned with fixing the server issues with Pokemon Go as opposed to worrying about getting any sort of credit for discovering cadavers. Pokemon Go has been a startling success for Nintendo so far, managing to rack up a lot of sales through the microtransactions and getting a lot of play time in from people who are taking the opportunity to venture outside of their comfort zones in order to discover new and exotic Pokemon. Just be careful where you go adventuring to capture Pokemon... you never know what you might find out there.

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