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While we're going to have to wait a frustratingly long time to see the next chapters of the Game of Thrones saga, all of the various factions are about to converge on the same place. The battle for the Iron Throne has been a key focus on the series, but one actress doesn't believe her onscreen brother quite has what it takes. In a recent comment during the Game of Thrones panel at San Diego Comic-Con, Sophie Turner implied that Jon Snow would make a perfectly fine king of the north, as long as she's the queen, of course. Sansa may not have much faith in Jon Snow's solo leadership abilities. Here's what Turner had to say.

She believes that they should both be king and queen of the North for sure I don't know about the Iron Throne. ...I'm not sure she believes that Jon is capable of running Winterfell alone. I think she thinks he doesn't have intellect, the knowledge, the experience that she has, and I concur.

While many panels that take place at San Diego Comic-Con deal with what is to come for their season, the majority of the Game of Thrones panel was much more focused on what just happened with the season that recently ended. Of course, when it comes to the future, there is really only one important question, who's going to win the Iron Throne? When Sophie Turner was asked if Sansa believed that Jon Snow was the best fit for the Iron Throne. Her response was that Sansa doesn't believe that her brother has what it takes to rule the north by himself, never mind all of Westeros.

So... you know nothing, Jon Snow? While it sounds like Sophie Turner was being pretty brutal to poor Jon Snow, she did commend him for having those Stark morals, and she said that Sansa does recognize that Jon will always make the good decision, which she clarifies is different from the right decision. It sounds like Sansa was able to learn quite a bit from her time at King's Landing, and has begun to become something of a political operator. She's considering how the decisions Jon makes will benefit people, while Jon is just trying to be true and fair.

In the end, we can't really argue. While Jon Snow has certainly been through his share of experiences during the run of Game of Thrones, his decisions have been much more black or white (quite literally actually). The one time Jon had to try and be a political animal, he went and got himself murdered by his own men. That's pretty much the textbook definition of a failed power play.

One thing's for sure, with calculating Sansa and righteous Jon Snow together, they will make a formidable pair, whether they simply try to keep the north, or move on toward King's Landing. We can't wait to see what happens when the Game of Thrones begins again, next year. For now, check out what we know about the upcoming Season 7.

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