Watch This Bizarre Clip Of Steve Harvey Misunderstanding A Contestant On Celebrity Family Feud

When Steve Harvey is busting a gut laughing on the set of either of the Family Feud shows, it's usually because one of the contestants just said something embarrassing or gross or incredibly personal. Rarely is Harvey the butt of the joke, but that definitely happened during Sunday night's episode of Celebrity Family Feud when the genial host was unable to understand the Italian accent of Giuliana Rancic's mother, which led to a very bizarre show moment. Check it out!

For a few moments there, it truly seemed like Steve Harvey had mentally disconnected from the rest of the universe and was unable to do anything but excel at miscommunication. When asked for a reason why a woman might break up with her boyfriend, Rancic's mother replied with "Another woman," which did not make the full journey from her vocal cords to Harvey's ears. And instead of just asking her to repeat it, he just stares blindly at first, mouthing for help to the producers off-camera. He then stumbles over the realization that her answer was actually up on the board already, and it's highly likely he still doesn't know exactly what she said.

Then there's that one bit where his head kind of lolls and his eyes look like they roll back a little, and it looks like he's about to realize that he just had way too much to drink. I'm sure that had to be an intentional bit of minutely broad comedy on Harvey's part, but its understated delivery causes me to wonder.

But that wasn't even his biggest blunder, as he went the extra step in this strange primetime edition of the Telephone Game. When she gives her replacement answer of "He'd spend a lot of money," Harvey took only a scant amount of consideration time before bellowing out the incorrect version: "He ate spaghetti on a Monday." Cue the audience hysterics. Cue the contestant hysterics. Cue Steve Harvey busting that gut.

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Survey says: The Harvey Head Bob is going to be America's next dance craze for the next forever.

If anyone knows a little something about saying the wrong thing in front of both a studio and TV audience, it's Steve Harvey, who famously called out the wrong person's name when announcing the winner of last year's Miss Universe pageant. The stakes were way lower here, thankfully, although there's probably some guy out there who really did get dumped for eating spaghetti on a Monday, and for him, this could not have been any more coincidental.

Don't be mistaken, Celebrity Family Feud airs Sunday nights on ABC.

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