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One of the most popular game shows on TV right now, Family Feud has garnered a lot of interest in recent years simply by being savvy about getting an episode’s best moments online, with some of them featuring unaired footage of host Steve Harvey hilariously going off for a while. The video below, however, relies little on Harvey and feels like it was cooked up specifically to exist as a YouTube clip. Experience this contestant’s wet wrath when asked what she would pee on to get revenge on an ex.

So much decompression to attempt after seeing that. Let’s start with the contestant, Takmika. Much love to her for being jubilant and outgoing in responding that she would let loose all over the ex himself, but she delivered it in a way that felt like a sitcom writer was whispering directions through a speaker in her ear. The build-up, the anticipatory pause, and then the punchline, followed by exuberant pizzazz. That the punchline was about peeing on an ex-boyfriend isn’t entirely beside the point, either, as the sitcom writer might have gone through years of having his pee jokes rejected during pitch sessions. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned or a comedian denied.

Speaking of writing, let’s move on to the clue itself. I imagine that if the clue 7 or 8 things that people would do to an ex as revenge, urinating might enter into one of the bottom answers. But I can’t imagine how the contained idea of pee-soaked plotting made it all the way to the top of the list of usable survey questions. Unless, of course, the entire purpose was just to set up a segment destined for the Internet. But game shows have never duped anyone like that before, right? (Conspiracy music.)

Here are a few other salacious-sounding questions that I assume are just around the corner.

Name 6 Ways You’d Use A Jar If It Was The Only Substitute For A Restroom Around You

Name 4 Things You Do With Your Hand In Your Pocket That Doesn’t Involve Warming Them Or Taking Something Out Of Your Pocket

Name 7 Parts Of The Body That Resemble One Of Them Long, Thick Sweet Potatoes

I don’t even know what to say about Tamika being the rarity in the rare subsection of people who pee on things for vengeance’s sake. While statistically irrelevant, those two (now three) people who gave that answer are still enough to make a germophobe stop dating people. I guess Tamika’s answer wasn’t terrible or stupid, though, and it put points on the board. And that’s goal Number One, right? I said Number One, guys. Take that, sitcom writer I made up!

Find out what Steve Harvey is dealing with next when Family Feud airs daily both in syndication and on GSN.