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It would be pretty easy to argue, at this point, that comedian and host extraordinaire Steve Harvey (Miss Universe screw ups notwithstanding) is one of the best entertainers gracing our screens on a daily basis right now. He’s got an easy, everyman quality that makes people relaxed around him, but he still has enough bite to call people out when they do dumb stuff. And, in his role as Family Feud host, he’s seen and heard a lot of dumb stuff. On a recent show, though, he heard something so confusing that he had to make sure he got all the facts straight before going off. Take a look.

Wow. OK, let’s roll this back a bit. The video, posted on the Family Feud YouTube page, shows Steve Harvey going about his usual start-the-show ritual of meeting each family. You know, like any good host would. He comes to Patricia, the first member of the Alexander family and, without prompting, she tells Steve that she’s a newlywed. Which is lovely…but then things take a quick turn for the bizarre.

See, Patricia didn’t just get married last year. She got married twice, and to the same man. And, yeah, I know that you are now just as confused as Steve Harvey was when he heard this bit of ridiculousness. But, thankfully for us, it gets stranger. Patricia’s double husband Joel decides to pipe in from the end of the line. Steve, heads over and poses a slightly concerned “What happened?” to him. That’s when Joel tells us the whole weird story.

Joel and Patricia were already engaged when they went to audition for Family Feud. What they heard is that you have to be married to be on the show, so, they had a quickie wedding to fulfill the requirements of the show, should they be chosen to appear. This is where we all think One does not simply...get married, to appear on a game show. Steve Harvey must have been thinking basically the same thing, because his response was bewildered, truthful and priceless. “You know how many people come on this show ain’t married? We done tricked yo’ ass into a marriage.” Obviously, the goal of Family Feud is for each panel of contestants to be related. So, they went through a lot of trouble just to be on Family Feud.

Patricia tries to step in, but Steve Harvey gives her a loud “SSSHHHHH” and remarks that “ain’t nobody talking to you.” Steve heads back to her and gets the most important piece of this puzzle: Patricia is the one who said they had to be married to both be on the show. And, Steve is quite proud of her. Hi-fives and an enthusiastic, “Way to roll it up, girl! Way to roll it up! Get yo’ man! GET YO’ MAN!” follow.

Yeah, Family Feud is always better when we get a glimpse into how screwy people are. And, without Steve Harvey making folks comfortable and getting to the bottom of stories like this, the show just wouldn’t be the same.