Watch Kellie Pickler Completely Fail At Family Feud

Celebrity Family Feud has been an unprecedented hit for ABC, hitting the schedule last summer and returning this year. The show has proven that celebrities are just like us---at least when it comes to playing the Feud, and Steve Harvey's reactions to the contestants have been priceless. You can check out one of his signature looks from the most recent episode, when former American Idol contestant Kellie Pickler totally failed at playing Celebrity Family Feud. You can check it out, below

Kellie Pickler has always been known as a bit of a zany TV personality, and she has proved to be entertaining on game shows, to boot. In the past she's been memorable on shows like Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader? (just ask her if Europe is a country). This week, Pickler and her family took on Lance Bass and his family during the latest episode of Celebrity Family Feud and it didn't take long for Kellie Pickler's unique personality to come out. While facing off against the former NSYNC band member, she totally missed the buzzer while trying to beat Lance Bass to the punchline. The whole thing is really quick and would have been over in a second if Pickler hadn't spent so much time laughing at herself and talking about it.

We did promise you a classic Steve Harvey reaction, so here you go:

many faces steve harvey

Pickler continued on after the flub, and joked about how the series needed a bigger button. She may have just been flustered, as she seemed super excited that she got to appear on a stage with Lance Bass, a former superstar who made a lot of money before she even got famous.

Kellie Pickler may have only finished in sixth place on American Idol, but in the time since, she's managed to carve out a nice little career for herself. The singer still performs on TV shows and tours, has appeared on Dancing with the Stars and she has her own reality series called I Love Kellie Pickler, which debuted to a pretty big audience on CMT earlier this year. Nabbing the occasional game show appearance has only seemed to increase her popularity, even if she did miss the buzzer this time around.

If you really enjoyed the Kellie Pickler flub, there should be plenty more where that comes from. New episodes of Celebrity Family Feud air on Sunday nights at 8 p.m. ET, only on ABC. In addition, here's what else the networks have coming up this summer.

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