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For a guy whose wrestling entrance music contains the phrase "You can't see me," - which itself has become one of the Internet's best successors to the Rick Roll - John Cena has become ever-present throughout the entertainment industry in recent years, transcending his WWE Superstar descriptor. And audiences will get even more of him in the broadcast hours, as his Fox reality series American Grit has been renewed for a second season.

Combining the popularity of reality show competitions with our nation's pride, American Grit's first season brought in 16 average Americans ready to push themselves to the extremes in order to show what they were made of...and get a large cash prize. (And meeting host John Cena probably didn't hurt.) Split into teams of four, the contestants were put through a series of physically and mentally strenuous challenges that got harder over time, anchored by each episode's elimination-based "Circus" obstacle course and endurance test. American Grit gave the contestants a fighting chance by bringing in a group of highly talented and decorated military personnel for guidance.

We can likely expect much of the same from Season 2, which is currently casting for the next set of contestants. Incidentally, if you or anyone you know is totally down with taking on everything that American Grit has to offer, you can go to to apply. Take a gander at what the Circus looks like, though, before signing up.

Honestly, I'm a little surprised that Fox brought out the renewal pens for this decision. You'd think "John Cena military reality show" would be the keywords behind a ratings smash on broadcast TV, but American Grit was anything but. Over the course of its ten episodes, the series never topped 2.5 million viewers during live airings, sinking lower than 1.8 million viewers a couple of times, and the DVR numbers rarely added more than a half-million people. Now, part of the season aired against Shonda Rhimes' TGIT lineup and CBS' Big Bang Theory-led shows, so that explains some of the low turnout for live airings, but what about everything else?

Considering John Cena is also known for being one of the most fan-friendly athletes out there, particularly for through the Make-A-Wish Foundation, so I assume that he wasn't threatening anyone at Fox to give the show another year. There aren't very many kinds of series that can suddenly get put on the air in mid-April and maintain a steady audience, so maybe that's all Fox was looking for.

Expect to find American Grit hitting Fox at some point in Spring 2017, unless the network needs to fill the spot of an early cancellation when the midseason shows debut. And you can find Cena all ripped and shirtless each week through WWE programming. Or hosting award shows. Or appearing on network variety shows. You know, the usual. For everything coming out in the coming months, check out our fall TV schedule.

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