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The Real Reason Lauren Conrad Has Trouble Watching Old Episodes Of The Hills

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Few of us can look back on our pasts without some form of cringe-based reaction to how awkward and terrible things were at one point or another. And not all of us had our lives put on display for the entire nation on a reality show like The Hills' Lauren Conrad did for a sizeable portion of her entry into adulthood. As you can imagine, the entertainer and fashion designer has more than a few reservations about randomly throwing on old episodes of the show. Here's why she has some issues with rewatching.

I get so embarrassed for myself. We were so unfiltered and I think that's what made the show. We were honest, and we just didn't know any better. I said some of the stupidest stuff!

To be fair, Lauren Conrad is very, very far from being the only reality TV star who has been seen saying stupid things on a weekly basis (regardless of whether it was an editing decision or not). And having her 18-year-old life suddenly thrust into the spotlight for Laguna Beach was only setting her up for a future in which regrets would be had. Being on camera that often makes it impossible to only have your best moments coming through.

The Hills debuted in 2006, which currently sits a little past the midpoint of the modern age of reality TV, which has constantly been modified in the last decade as far as how inner drama is approached. Back then, Lauren Conrad probably wasn't quite so well versed in reality TV to realize that a lot of her behavior was playing right into what makes for footage gold. The more embarrassing it is for someone to watch more than five years later, the better it is for viewers. To that end, I can't imagine that anyone involved with Jersey Shore will ever watch those episodes after turning 30.

Lauren Conrad shared her admission with People while talking about her life during and after the show, which will be revisited for the MTV special The Hills: That Was Then, This Is Now. You can check out what to expect from these former co-stars in the preview below.

Place your bets on whether or not you think Lauren Conrad will, in the year 2026, have any uncomfortable feelings about things she said during the upcoming special. You can find it airing on MTV on Tuesday, August 2, at 8 p.m. In the hours before, MTV will air back-to-back marathons of The Hills first and final seasons.

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