How Will Smith Feels About A Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air Reboot

fresh prince of bel-air

Will Smith has currently been doing the rounds and promoting Suicide Squad. While his character in the movie is pretty fascinating itself, that hasn't stopped people from asking Will Smith about other potential projects in the works. Namely, people want to know whether Will Smith might ever come on board for a Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air reboot. Unfortunately, the answer is a swift and resounding: no. Here's Will Smith's incredibly blunt comments about the possibility:

I don't think ever, like pretty close to when hell freezes over. Like we're going to leave that one alone.

In case you were wondering why an outlet like E! might even ask Will Smith about a potential Fresh Prince of Bel Air reboot, the question isn't totally without warrant. Some months back, news broke that Fresh Prince was potentially getting rebooted with a new cast and perhaps with Will Smith even on board as a producer. Later rumors indicated they project may not be a straight-up reboot, but even then, a remake didn't seem totally out of the question.

On Will Smith's end, the man has regularly performed the Fresh Prince theme song, to the delight of fans everywhere, so he doesn't seem to have any ill will to the show. Still, just because he's alright with catering to fans doesn't mean he's interested in returning to the TV project that made him a household name. In fact, he seems pretty adamant that he wants nothing to do with that sort of nostalgia on the small screen. We kind-of get his point. Will Smith is pushing 50 at this point---he's 47---and he's certainly no longer the goofy jokester who lit up the screen with flamboyant nineties clothing and a fun personality. He's not even the heavily active a-lister he was a little over a decade ago. He has the time and the pedigree to sit back and choose the projects he wants at this point. Those projects don't include Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

It probably doesn't help that the actress who played Aunt Viv on the series went on a wild rant just a few months ago about how Will Smith was difficult to deal with on the set. She also went on to say he refused to negotiate with the rest of the cast and seemed to harbor a pretty long-term grudge. With all of that drama, it doesn't shock us that Will Smith isn't looking to revisit anything about this series.

The good news? At least the Carlton dance will live on in immortality.

Suicide Squad hits theaters this weekend. In addition, for a look at all the other reboots and revivals in the works on television, head here.

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