How Lex Luthor Will Fit Into Supergirl


So many big changes are coming to Supergirl when Season 2 kicks off in a couple of months, with the move to The CW taking top honors. Bringing in some of those changes will be a whole host of new characters, including Lena Luthor, sister of iconic Superman villain Lex Luthor. It was announced today that actress Katie McGrath has been cast as Lena, and with her character description comes our first bit of info as to how the eccentric warlord-wannabe fits into the Supergirl universe.

As it happens, Lex Luthor currently fits inside a pretty small room where the only way in or out is with the help of an officer and a key. That's right, the heir to billions let his unbridled evil out to play for a little too long, and he got punished for it. It's not clear just what he was guilty of doing in this continuity, but it doesn't sound like the older generation of Luthors is around, so maybe Supergirl is calling back to Smallville in more ways than just the company name. (You might recall that Lex murdered his father Lionel in that show.)

So while we likely won't be meeting Lex right away, his sister Lena will definitely show her face around National City, albeit in a recurring capacity. When Katie McGrath arrives, she will be playing Lena Luthor as a powerful and slightly mysterious woman set to take over the CEO position at Luthor Corp, her family's billion-dollar tech corporation. Her biggest problem, however, will be bringing the company's name back into people's good graces, and according to TVLine, she tries her damnedest to separate herself from the public opinion of her brother. Enter Kara, who gets acquainted with Lena and has to figure out if she's virtuous or just as bad as Lex.

katie mcgrath slasher

After first becoming a household name for her work as Morgana on the fantasy drama Merlin, Katie McGrath kept with the genre-based TV, later starring in the short-lived Dracula series as well as Chiller's Slasher. She is no stranger to big budget features, either, as she was in last year's Jurassic World and will be seen in next year's King Arthur: Legend of the Sword.

When Season 2 premieres, we'll be seeing less of Cat Grant, as actress Calista Flockhart has been downgraded to a recurring status due to the production's move from L.A. to Vancouver. But we'll get to meet a bunch of new people such as Tyler Hoechlin's Superman, Ian Gomez's Snapper Carr, Floriana Lima's Maggie Sawyer and Chris Wood as the mysterious pod person. And that's not an exhaustive list, either. So if Supergirl's creative team decided to break Lex Luthor out of jail to bring him into the show at some point later, I don't think he'd stand out.

Supergirl Season 2 will fly into your living rooms when it debuts on The CW on Monday, October 10, at 8 p.m. ET. To learn more, head to our Supergirl Season 2 guide to see everything we know, and to find out when all the other super-shows will show up later this year, check out our fall premiere schedule.

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