How Supergirl Is Paying Homage To Superman's TV Past

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For reasons that probably made sense at the time, Supergirl made it a point to keep the Girl of Steel's cousin on the peripheral during its single season at CBS. But now that the high-flying drama is heading to The CW, we're going to finally get a proper introduction to Superman in Tyler Hoechlin, and with him comes certain aspects of the superhero's mythos, Awesomely enough, Supergirl will touch upon that most devious villain Lex Luthor in a way that pays tribute to Superman's past on the small screen: the company Luthor Corp.

DC Comics fans, and anyone who went and watched Batman v Superman earlier this year, is definitely more familiar with the title LexCorp, the company run by the iconic antagonist Lex Luthor. But anybody who spent the first decade of the 2000s imbibing on the super-drama of Smallville knows that this was what the company went by in the years before the evil Lex took control. The logo is a bit different, though. Check out the set photos here and compare them to the Smallville logo below.


So how will Luthor Corp fit into Supergirl's story? We already know that Lex Luthor's sister-in-family-and-alliteration Lena Luthor will arrive in Season 2, so that seemingly gives Lex an in to enter the story at some point, if that's how the Supergirl creative team wants to go about handling it. I'm personally pretty happy that the drama hasn't jumped headfirst into Superman's lore that much, but I won't stop watching if Luthor Corp brings in one of the comic medium's best bad guys. Especially if he causes a lot of interesting trouble. But then maybe this will just be the elder Luthors running thangs, without Lex's tyrannical influence.

Luthor Corp is a great detail to throw into Supergirl's universe, which has already looked back to its CW successor Smallville through the use of actress Laura Vandervoort, who played Supergirl on that show. (We were also hoping Tom Welling would get the role of Supes, but that didn't happen.) Other parts of Superman's TV past have also been honored and referenced on the former CBS show, and we can only expect that more nods and easter eggs are coming now that it's at home with all the other DC TV series.

Interestingly enough, The Flash very nearly had a LutherCorp easter egg in the Season 1 premiere episode as a sign on a building that Barry was running past, but it was scrapped before making it to air. How long ago that seems now. We were all so young in 2014!

With or without Lex Luthor around to shit on everyone's happiness, Supergirl will make its full CW debut when Season 2 starts up on Monday, October 10. To find out when everything else is coming to the small screen later this year, check out our fall premiere schedule.

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