How Jeffrey Dean Morgan Feels About The Way The Good Wife Ended

Actors have very little control over how the shows they appear on end or wrap up storylines. Generally, if you read that final script and don't like it, you just have to grit your teeth and get through it. Well, The Good Wife had a series finale that divided a lot of that show's audience by not providing a neat wrap up for all of its storylines. Now, Jeffrey Dean Morgan has let us all in on how he felt about The Good Wife's ending.

I didn't like it. But it's not my show, you know what I mean? If Julianna was happy, then I was happy. My feeling was we raised so many questions about Jason and this relationship that he had with Alicia that I felt like nothing was ever answered, you know? So I walked away frustrated for my character and Alicia's character in not having any kind of closure with that.

Well, now. Jeffrey Dean Morgan spoke to Entertainment Weekly about his feelings on The Good Wife's May series finale. And, he really didn't hold anything back. A lot of fans felt that the ending didn't really serve the final season, or the series as a whole, as well as it could have. At the beginning of the season, it was quite obvious that the new private investigator hired by Alicia, Jason Crouse (Morgan), had some serious sparks with her. Throughout the season, the two went from professionally flirty to just going ahead and having some good old fashioned sexy times. Yet, in the final moments of the show, the audience is left not knowing whether or not Alicia and Jason will make a go of things now that she's really finally decided to divorce her lying, cheating husband. After (rather unwisely, I think) standing by her husband during a press conference where he has to talk about how much he screwed up one more time, Alicia realizes that that move may have been too much for Jason; her new love is nowhere to be found.

And that was it. Just like Jeffrey Dean Morgan emphasized in his interview, we don't even actually know if he did decide to leave her alone for good, or if he just needed some time after watching her stand by her stupid husband. The Good Wife posed questions about Jason and his new found relationship with Alicia and then, for some reason, declined to give any answers at all. Yeah, I can see why he, and especially the fans, are pissed at that ending. No matter what your thoughts on the ending of The Good Wife, it's all over and done now. You can check out our Fall TV premiere schedule to see what else can fill a TV-viewing hour for you this fall.

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