The Flash Just Cast A Big Comic Book Villain For Season 3

Well, that didn't take long. (Something I'm sure The Flash is used to hearing.) It was just earlier today that news broke concerning Season 3 of the CW superhero drama possibly being on the lookout for someone to play the classic comic book Mirror Master, and now that very character has been cast. It looks like we'll get to see current Aquarius star Grey Damon get reflective as he goes against the quick-footed Barry Allen.

This live-action version of Mirror Master will bring in the character's original alter ego, Sam Scudder. Don't expect him to perform any small-time crimes that don't get witnessed immediately, as the ego-driven Scudder's plans for Central City scale a tad larger. After realizing he now has the power to traverse the world moving through one reflective surface to the next, Mirror Master will go on a widespread crime spree to become the biggest criminal the city has ever dealt with. But we all know negative intentions lead to bad things happening to people when The Flash is around.

Mirror Master has been kicking it since his first appearance in 1959, and he's one of the only Rogues that The Flash still hadn't introduced yet. He first showed off his sweet powers in a fun house's hall of mirrors, something I can only hope the show decides to do as well. Other fun tricks he can do with mirrors include making himself invisible and producing holograms, so it should be a visual treat no matter how he's used. And there were two other versions of Mirror Master on the page, so who knows how that will play into the multi-dimensional drama?

Season 3 is going to be a wild one for The Flash and its many bad guys. Things will kick off with a Flashpoint side quest that will give us new metahumans and the return of Reverse-Flash (who will go on to join the Legion of Doom across all the CW DC shows), and then we're getting not just one but two Big Bads this time around. Not to mention all the other scattered temporary baddies we'll get to meet as the season goes on, as well as that four-way crossover. I certainly hope Barry enjoys his fleeting happiness with his folks.

According to Comic Book Resources, Grey Damon is set to show up in the fourth episode of Season 3, and while he's only signed up for one episode, there's the option to add more, as is often the case with The Flash's villains. (Bring back Trickster!) When Sam Scudder does show his face, you'll certainly recognize it from the many TV projects Damon has starred in - such as Star-Crossed and Twisted - or appeared on - like American Horror Story: Coven, Friday Night Lights and more - in recent years. We'll get to see just how pompous he can act.

The Flash will debut its third season on The CW on Tuesday, October 4, at 8:00 p.m. ET. To learn more about it, check out our Season 3 guide, and for everything else heading to the small screen later this year, check out our fall TV schedule.

Nick Venable
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