The Flash Just Revealed The Second Big Bad Coming To Season 3

A lot of our favorite TV characters are going to be dealing with big trouble when the fall season gets here, but few will have problems quite as complicated as The Flash's Barry Allen. Though he will get to smile more than usual when his time-flip allows him a Flashpoint-set respite from his former troubles, it will all come back to haunt him. The Season 3 trailer clued us in on Doctor Alchemy being one of Flash's major upcoming threats, and it looks like that villain will share its antagonistic duties with a second overarching Big Bad in the form of comic book nemesis Savitar.

As Season 1 had Reverse-Flash plaguing Barry's timeline and Season 2 had Zoom terrorizing Central City, the speedster villain role in the upcoming season will be taken by Savitar. So add him in with Flash, Kid Flash, Reverse-Flash and the potential for Black Flash and Jesse Quick, and that's a whopping six speedsters that could appear in Season 3. And that's not even counting the metahumans-of-the-week that might also have some quick-footed talents.

Unfortunately, the announcement during The CW's panel at TCA (via TVLine) didn't give away any info on how the evildoer will come to raise hell in Central City, or what kind of hell he will raise. And so we look to the character's past to see if we can figure something out.

savitar flash comic

Savitar came into being for a 1995 issue of Flash, in which Wally West and Jesse Quick were the featured heroes. With his real name unknown, he was a pilot for a third-world nation during the Cold War who got his powers when his plane was struck by lightning as it reached top speed. He soon after become completely obsessed with speed, dubbing himself Savitr after the Hindu god of motion. His deep study into his own powers gave him access to super specific abilities that will no doubt come into play on The Flash in ways that don't make it easy for the S.T.A.R. Labs team to take him down. It's worth noting that he, like Zoom in Season 2, had a storyline where he also sent minions to kill other speedsters, and one of those minions was Lady Flash. (Fingers crossed.)

Both Zoom and Reverse-Flash gave Barry as much as he could handle, but if Savitar is anything like his comic counterpart, this will be Barry's roughest run at heroics yet. Because he also has the elementally-driven Doctor Alchemy to worry about. And then, of course, there's the recently cast Mirror Master, who is rumored to appear with other as-yet-unused Rogues. Oh, and all the others that we still don't know about. I wonder if Caitlin's mom is going to end up being a bad guy.

The Flash Season 3, which apparently also has a musical episode in the cards, will bring all of the villains your brain can possibly handle to The CW on Tuesday, October 4, at 8 p.m. ET. To see when everything else is making its way to the small screen later this year, check out our fall TV schedule.

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