What To Expect From Poison Ivy In Gotham Season 3

Gotham Poison Ivy

For better or for worse, Gotham has pretty much thrown out the rulebook when it comes to depicting iconic Batman villains. While it sometimes lacks a certain degree fidelity to the source material, the FOX series always leaves fans guessing. With the recent casting of Maggie Geha to replace Clare Foley's Ivy Pepper, many fans have been left wondering what to expect from Ivy in Season 3. According to Geha, the character will have a manipulative nature that most definitely lines up with what purists would want from her. She said:

I don't think we'll see any super powers stuff. I think that would be way further down the line especially since this is an origin story show... So I think it's going to be more about discovering how other people perceive her and what means. A lot of people are focused on her sexuality. I think Ivy, in my opinion, doesn't really feel sexual about anybody. I think if she notices this person is attracted to me, finds me appealing in a sexual way, I'm going to use that to my benefit. It's more of a manipulative thing than anything.

Speaking with IGN at a recent TCA press event, Maggie Geha revealed that the Gotham iteration of Poison Ivy likely won't have any real superpowers to speak of -- at least at first. Her older, and generally more sexualized appearance (a result of an encounter with an Indian Hills test subject) will be used as a weapon for her to drawn people in and manipulate her enemies. Geha's Ivy reportedly doesn't feel any real attraction to people around her, but feels fully willing to capitalize on the impulses and attractions of others. That's what makes her useful as well as deadly.

Based upon this quote, it sounds as though the producers of Gotham want to make Poison Ivy the seductress we all know and love from the comics, but they want to keep her means of seduction somewhat grounded at first. Although she will most certainly eventually develop her pheromone-based powers that allow her to control men, for now they will make her ability to control people purely a result of her beauty and cunning.

Later on at the TCA press event, Bruce Wayne actor David Mazouz revealed the exact nature of his relationship with Ivy during Gotham's third season. Although they will become close, don't expect them to develop feelings for one another; it will feel far more familial than anything. He said:

They're definitely going to have a relationship with each other. It's not going to be a romantic one, necessarily. It's going to be more of a sister figure to him. They'll be very involved with each other. And they will have major influences in each other's lives. She will be a major part of his life, especially towards the middle of this season.

Like so many other Batman villains, it looks like the "proto" Ivy that we see in the coming season of Gotham will be a compelling and wholly unique take on the legendary character.

Gotham will return to FOX on Monday, September 19 at 8 p.m. PST/EST. Make sure to check out our fall premiere schedule and mark your calendars accordingly.

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