The Walking Dead Dropped Some New Footage That Will Make Daryl Fans Worried

While the start date for The Walking Dead Season 7 isn't for another couple of months, there's no debate that the trailer released during Comic-Con just wanted enough new footage to keep fans buoyant through late summer. Thankfully, AMC stoked the anticipatory flames with a Walking Dead Season 7 special earlier tonight, and while a lot of familiar ground was covered, viewers were treated to some exclusive footage that should make Daryl Dixon fanatics get antsy with rage. Check it out!

Thankfully, the clip wasn't a montage of Daryl's backyard burial, so we're not making assumptions that he's a goner just yet. (Okay, so we'd never really make that assumption, considering how ridiculously popular the character is.) But he's clearly not in any kind of a great or advantageous position when this scene is taking place, as he's once again missing his motorcycle, which Dwight has no problem "borrowing." You'll also notice that Dwight is wearing Daryl's signature jacket, which is somehow even more sacrilegious than riding his bike and hauling his crossbow around.

You can't just go around sweating into another man's sweat-stained clothing, Dwight. That's how you get your face burne....oh, I guess that wouldn't be much of a threat here. Here's some photographic proof for anyone thinking that leather jackets are a dime a dozen in the post-apocalypse.

daryl jacket walking dead

If you'll recall, Jeffrey Dean Morgan has said that Season 7 will be a major reset for The Walking Dead, and while the villain's presence will definitely inspire some huge differences for how Rick & Co. live their lives, what would be a bigger retcon than having a completely different character step into the "Daryl" role? (Also, what could create bigger riots?) Since Dwight's comic persona is a badass who preferred a crossbow,he's probably the closest match if a substitution would happen.

But it would be a fool's errand to put a lot of contemplation and thought into The Walking Dead offing Daryl in Season 7. I mean, it could happen in the way that Michonne could shave her head and make art out of her dreads. It just isn't all that likely. But if the AMC drama really wanted to fracture viewers' psyches in one fell swoop, putting Norman Reedus' ramblin' redneck to pasture at the mercy of Negan and Lucille would be the way to do it.

Unfortunately, beyond the bothersome Daryl speculation, the clip really doesn't do a whole lot as far as teasing the story goes, although we do get to see some fantastic walkers. This scene, which is presumably from one of the earliest episodes, was hinted at in the trailer - particularly that zombie with the busted arm, though we're not quite sure what Dwight is doing out there. He might be looking for someone, or hunting them down. Or maybe he's just taking a ride to clear his head from Negan's many demands. He won't get our sympathy if that's the case though, since he's a jacket thief and all.

The Walking Dead Season 7 will finally make its victim-revealing way to our eyeballs on Sunday, October 23, at 9 p.m. ET. (Don't forget the Season 6 Blu-ray/DVD sets come out on August 23, so you'll be able to get even more new(ish) footage when Negan's uncensored introduction is made public.) To see everything else that will premiere later this year, check out our fall TV schedule.

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