The Walking Dead Season 7 Trailer Has Arrived And It's Chilling

Given the cliffhanger at the end of The Walking Dead Season 6, fans are likely to be especially eager to see what AMC has to show us from the upcoming Season 7. Well, wait no further, as Comic-Con once again delivers on its annual promise of our first real look at the upcoming season of the zombie drama. Check it out below...

Not long after Season 6 of The Walking Dead wrapped up, I wondered how they would handle promoting Season 7, especially when it came time to unveil the big Comic-Con trailer. With so many of the show's stars staring down the barbed-wire face of Lucille, it seemed like they would either have to reveal who's still around in the Season 7 trailer, or figure out a way to focus on the characters we know for certain weren't beaten to a bloody pulp. AMC went with the latter approach with this new trailer, though they managed to work in many familiar faces by loading up the first half of the trailer with flashback footage. An then they filled the rest with glimpses of the new season that don't include anyone on the list of potentially murdered characters.

And then, we're in Negan territory, and you should know, "There is no door number for. This is the only way..." Chilling!

The trailer paints an ominous picture of what's ahead for what's left of Rick's crew as they. We see glimpses of some familiar faces, including Jesus, and the introduction of The Walking Dead comic book character Ezekiel, along with his Kingdom and a freaking tiger, all interspersed with the kind of zombie violence we've come to know and love from this series. The creepy sound of Negan's laughter is still in our heads as we see a terrified Tara first hiding, and then looking like she's had enough fear for one day.

In the words of Carol...

"I don't know what's going on in the most wonderful way!"

Anyone else craving cookies?

Of course, the whole things leaves us in the dark about who's meeting the end of Negan's bat, and let's face it, we've waited this long. What's another few months to wait to know which character will meet their demise? AMC announced the premiere date of the seventh season of The Walking Dead. As usual, the series will return in October, withSeason 7 officially premiering October 23, 2016 on AMC.

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