The Hilarious Easter Egg The Flash Has Been Hiding In Certain Scenes

For a show that's known for being on the lighthearted side of live-action superhero dramas, The Flash can take things to some pretty dark extremes at times. That's mostly just the plot-based stuff, though. When it comes to keeping things light and airy on the set, this show is apparently gold. For instance, were you guys aware of a silly little easter egg that The Flash has apparently been sporadically using since Season 1? It comes in the form of a toy duck. According to Grant Gustin:

No one seems to notice that we have a rubber duck that we've fit into almost every single scene in the police station. We have been doing it since early in Season 1. Sometimes it's in an evidence bag that a cop is carrying.

And there it is. No mug shots on the wall with names that pay homage to crew members or comic book legends. (Although those might exist.) We're talking about the strange appearances from a little rubber duck that apparently has a thing for people in uniform. Personally, I'm always trying to keep myself out of a police station, but then I'm more of a chicken than a duck in that regard.

A rubber duck really is an odd thing to bring into scenes inside of the Central City Police Department, as that's a location generally tied to more intense situations involving either criminals or Iris' issues with someone who works there. Maybe the duck has a very serious look on its face. Maybe it's wearing a little cop uniform, too. Guys, let's get real here. What are the chances this duck gets affected by the Flashpoint accelerator explosion (or whatever happens) and becomes a meta-waterfowl? We've seen gorillas. It. Could. Happen.

Beyond the amusing easter egg reveal, Grant Gustin also told TV Insider that the Season 1 finale was the episode that made him cry the most. But we want to hear more about that duck! We don't even know if it's a yellow duck or a red one. (I admittedly took a few stabs at trying to find it, but time-crunches stopped my faux detective work.) Is the duck really just one big hint that the show is going to get Drake to be a major part of the Supergirl musical crossover episode? Most importantly, WHO IS REVERSE-DUCK?!?

With a bunch of new villains that may or may not have webbed feet, The Flash will high-step it back to The CW for Season 3 on Tuesday, October 4, at 8:00 p.m. ET. For all the other shows coming this fall that may or may not have easter eggs hidden in the scenes, check out our TV premiere schedule.

Nick Venable
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