Why Netflix's Stranger Things Still Hasn't Been Renewed

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There's been a ton of viral buzz surrounding the release of Netflix's fun summer hit Stranger Things. It helps that the ratings appear to be really good for the series, as well, although we don't have official numbers to confirm. However, Netflix hasn't actually taken the step to renew its fan-favorite series, leading us to wonder exactly what the heck is going on with the potential renewal order. Luckily, it seems like Netflix might simply be making sure the series has crossed its t's and dotted its i's before moving forward with new episodes. Here's what Ted Sarandos had to say:

We always want to take some time to be thoughtful about the process. When we first come out of the gate with something, we usually have a pretty good idea of where it's going to go, but it's sensible for us to take a little bit of time and let the show breathe. And with so many really falling in love with Season 1, and people who haven't really seen episodes of Season 1 just yet, let's focus on Season 1 right now.

Basically, the network has wanted to focus on Season 1 before jumping directly into Season 2, which makes sense, but hasn't been the strategy of all the show's originals. While at TCA via (E!) earlier this summer, the subscription streaming service wouldn't come out and directly address the Stranger Things renewal yet, between the comment above and the fact that the Duffer brothers, who created the first season, also said they would be open to a second season if Netflix would want it, it seems like the everyone simply needs to get on the same page about where the storyline is going. We also know there are enough "dangling threads" to justify a new storyline If the show should move forward.

A few weeks ago, executive producer Shawn Levy even explained that the plan for a second season would be to move forward with the same characters, but that new problems would be unearthed if the show were to get a second season on Netflix. So even though Stranger Things had pretty well wrapped up by the end of its first season, the creative team at least has some sort of plan for where they would like to go.

The even better news? First, Netflix has a track record of renewing nearly every single original program it has put together, whether or not those programs have earned prestige or large audiences. The subscription streaming service is hoping to fill various niches with its programming, making a wider range of shows valuable to Netflix than the average network. Plus, earlier this month, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said that the company "would be dumb not to" renew Stranger Things, so provided a good storyline comes together, we should be seeing a second season of the drama.

We'll be sure to let you know as soon as it is announced. For now, you can see what else is premiering on the streaming service with our Netflix premiere schedule.

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