If you're like so many others out there, you have already binge-watched the entire first season of Netflix's must-watch horror thriller Stranger Things, a love letter to genre fiction from the 1980s that centers on a small town's citizens tracking down a missing boy. (But you probably know that if you watched.) While Season 2 is all but certain, considering Netflix's track record with renewals, nothing has been made official yet. So while we wait for that, followed by the waiting for the actual release, here are 12 other shows out there that should capture the attention of everyone who wants a distraction from obsessing over The Upside Down.

Night Gallery

Why Would It Appeal To A Stranger Things Fan? Night Gallery was created by the godfather of strange TV, Rod Serling. A follow-up to the seminal Twilight Zone, this anthology series had less of a sci-fi bent and was more welcoming to otherworldly creatures and dark fantasies. You might not find any Demogorgons, but there is no lack of sinister motivations and mysterious dangers within Night Gallery's many stories.

Where Can I Find It? You can currently watch all 43 episodes of Night Gallery on Hulu.

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