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The Olympics often focus on the athletes who have competed to the best of their abilities, the underdogs who stand a fighting chance, and the former success stories who may not shine as bright of a light as they used to. However, on the journalist's end of Olympics coverage, often people are really excited about the weird moments and bloopers, and this compilation brings some of the silliest and funniest moments from the Olympics together into one easy-to-watch video. Give it a watch, below.

This News Be Funny compilation hits some of the best news bloopers from the 2016 Olympics in Rio. Some of these flubs are subtle, such as when the NBC cameraman started tracking two women in thongs instead of focusing on Mike Tirico. Then there are the much more memorable bloopers from the Rio Olympics, such as when a reporter was filming a segment as people seemed to be having sex on the beach behind him.

Then, there are the usual dance parties and video bombs that often commence behind poor reporters as they are attempting to churn out the news. One reporter even gets interrupted by another reporter during her shot. However, I feel this poor woman probably got the short end of the stick:

dancy party rio olympics

There are awkward segments with the oiled up dude from Tonga, Pita Nikolas Taufatofua, and a kind-of annoyed Michael Phelps being bombarded at the airport when he returns from the Olympics. There's even what looks to be a bachelorette party overtaking a newscast at one point.

Plenty of good journalism and fun interviews came out of the 2016 Olympics, but when you are dealing with live filming, quick cut-tos and intense athletes, nearly anything can happen, and during this summer's Olympics, a lot of wild things did. That's not limited to journalism, either. We also saw athletes deal with intense injuries, and of course, there was that whole Ryan Lochte debacle.

The good news? News bloopers are not limited to the days when the Olympics are filming every couple of years. Both local news and national news outlets have funny, awkward and strange moments from time to time, and we'll continue bringing those moments when they warrant a chuckle or even a genuine, full-bellied laugh. Check out another compilation of news bloopers here. For more intense and crazy moments from this year's Olympics, head here.

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