Watch A Couple Seemingly Have Sex On The Beach During A News Broadcast

Live news broadcasts have long been known to offer viewers sporadic instances of TV gold, and the Internet has only broadened the number of instances anyone can access at any point of the day. And when you're reporting live from Rio in Brazil, things can apparently get quite broad, as seen in the video below. Unless maybe we don't really know what's happening at all.

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Radio and BBC TV presenter Dan Walker, like most Brits in front of a camera, is a consummate professional during this uncomfortable moment. He just wants to talk about sports, guys, but there are some people there in the background behind him that, for lack of better words, look as if they're filming a subdued porn version of Frankie and Annette's Beach Blanket Bingo, which I assume is titled Beach Blanket Boinking.

Okay, so it's entirely possibly that this very public display of affection isn't exactly that lewd and crude behavior that we suspect. Walker offers up that the couple is perhaps reading a book, which is something that people do on the beach in the dark all the time. In rhythm. With condoms.

Okay, so I don't know that there are condoms involved. I only know what everybody else knows, which is what we see on the video. And what we see on the video could very well be someone's attempt at doing the pole vault, just without any official Olympic equipment. Or a running start. Or any actual vaulting. Mostly just the pole and the downward thrusts, I guess.

Okay, so maybe those people passing by would be reacting a little more feverishly if the couple was definitely in the act of lovemaking. But then maybe not. If you've ever been on a train or a sidewalk where someone starts doing someone extremely out of place, you'll notice that the most common reaction people give is just trying to ignore it. Or maybe this is just how Brazilians celebrate the Olympics. High fives are so childish, am I right?

My favorite part here is Walker's oh so natural smile when he looks off camera and waggles his hand in that "maybe, maybe not" fashion. (Those people were totally doing it.)

I wonder if there was a medal ceremony after the couple finished "reading." The next Summer Olympics is a mere four years away, so they can take a little time to celebrate their victories before going into training mode to possibly or possibly not have sex on a beach during a news broadcast during the Tokyo games in 2020.

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