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The X-Files is one of the most beloved shows in TV history for a bunch of very good reasons, but it all starts with the central concept. And that basic hook is at the center of the new comedy project Ghosted, which has been picked up for a pilot by the very network where The X-Files began, Fox. Luckily, the show already has a pair of excellent stars in Craig Robinson and Adam Scott, so we're optimistic the humor will be a little more nuanced than a D-level spoof.

Here's the set-up: Craig Robinson's humor-fueled Leroy Wright is a hardcore skeptic about all things paranormal, while Adam Scott's Max Allison is the brainiac who truly believes in things that exist beyond our basic senses. The pair are brought in by the mysterious organization Underground Investigative Service to dig deep into all of the seemingly unexplainable mayhem happening in Los Angeles. Need more? Leroy and Max stumble upon a bigger mystery that could lead to the destruction of the entire human race. If there isn't an "E-Cig Vaping Man" in the cast, I will question everything I know about life.

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Tom Gormican, the writer and director of 2014's That Awkward Moment, is writing the pilot for Ghosted, and according to Deadline, he'll also executive produce alongside Robinson and Scott. That movie was as forgettable as they come, despite its talented cast, so it's hard to give any form of pre-judgment for this new comedy, other than just blindly hoping it's perfect. Ghosted, which comes from 20th Century Fox TV, was apparently the subject of a very heated bidding war among the networks, so it's possible we could have seen this X-Files-ish show on ABC or something.

Craig Robinson and Adam Scott are often the most enjoyable parts about every project they're in, although somehow pairing them together didn't really make Hot Tub Time Machine 2 any better. A breakout star from the many seasons of The Office, Robinson went on to head his own show, the short-lived and largely unfunny NBC comedy Mr. Robinson, and then landed a sweet gig on USA's Mr. Robot, among other short term gigs. (He's got a lot of movies in the pipeline, too.) Scott, meanwhile, was part of The Office's offshoot Parks and Recreation, and has followed that series' end with appearances on Angie Tribeca, Bajillion Dollar Propertie$, and Animals, along with a handful of features. He'll be seen next year in the star-studded HBO series Big Little Lies.

We're obviously not sure what the truth, er, the future of Ghosted will be, and we don't even know if X-Files will get the gang back together for another season. But wouldn't it be cool if both got ordered up and aired on the same night, giving genre fans a nice respite from everything else on TV. But until that happens, check out everything that's coming to the small screen later this year with our fall TV schedule.

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