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The Big Bang Theory gave its ninth season the somewhat unique wraparound plotline of Leonard and Penny having weddings, first in Las Vegas and next with family and friends. We'll get to see that more formal ceremony when Season 10 kicks off later this month, complete with complications, but what about the third couple in this ensemble, Amy and Sheldon? Here's what showrunner Steve Molaro said about the pair's matrimonial chances in the coming months.

That may be something that we're not ready to attack right away. But we will, in the near future, start poking at the living arrangements and what makes sense and how that might work.

I'm pretty sure we know that Sheldon won't be doing any of that poking, since it nearly took an act of Congress (or NASA or DC Comics) to get Sheldon into bed with Amy for the first time. (Hardy har.) But seriously, that's both good and bad news for fans of the lovers. It's good news that audiences wouldn't have to go through another lead-up to a wedding so soon after Leonard and Penny's nuptials, but it's something of a bummer that their relationship will apparently remain as glacial as ever.

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Really, Sheldon and Amy getting married is less about them being together more often than it is about fracturing the central living situation that Big Bang has relied on for so many years. Splitting up Sheldon and Leonard's apartment life would be a bigger change than just about anything else that could happen in this series, even if Raj got pregnant or something. That would certainly be interesting, though.

Perhaps it's too early to start worrying about how domestic life will go for these characters, as Steve Molaro told THR that no new roommate arrangements are going to be made soon. But that doesn't mean the steps aren't being taken to get to that point. Here's what he had to say about how big the shifts will be in Season 10.

Big and not big, it will happen very clearly as an experiment. Any shifts that happen are experimental and could be undone if necessary. Phrased in the show [terms], presenting something to Sheldon that he may not want to do as science and data collection is a good way to try and get him on board.

Truer words never spoken. Sheldon isn't really capable of impulsive and carefree decisions, so if Amy is indeed ever inspired to throw a wedding, she's going to have to put in a lot of overtime in transferring emotional beats into scientific hypotheses and charts. Perhaps if she framed it within a fictional theme that Sheldon would be fond of. A Flash wedding, anyone?

The Big Bang Theory will return to CBS for its all-star Season 10 opener on Monday, September 19, at 8:00 p.m. ET, with its normal Thursday night slot coming on October 27, following Thursday Night Football's conclusion. To see when everything else is hitting the small screen later this year, check out our fall TV schedule.

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