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Game of Thrones currently has one of the biggest ensemble casts on TV, and the show's willingness to kill characters off means that ensemble is constantly evolving. We know a crop of new characters will show up in Season 7, and it sounds like the fantasy epic has lined up one hell of a guest star, as Murder She Wrote star Angela Lansbury has reportedly been tapped to appear in multiple episodes.

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Now before we lose ourselves in imagining how sweet it would be for Angela Lansbury and Olenna Tyrell to go off on king-murdering Thelma & Louise adventures across the kingdoms, let's throw a little grain of salt on this news while it's still unofficial. Rather than coming from HBO or spoiler-hounds watching the production, Lansbury's involvement was reported by the German website Bild, which claims "production circles" were a source. (The translation on that is probably wonky.) But we'd much rather live in a world where we can be optimistic about Lansbury showing up in Game of Thrones than one in which such beautiful rumors aren't true.

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And if our rose-colored glasses are allowed to be indicative of good days ahead, Angela Lansbury would be set for two different episodes, though the details about who or what she'd be playing aren't available. But considering the actress has been putting her thespian skills to work on both the stage and screen for over 70 years, there probably aren't too many roles out there she can't handle. I guess, at 90, she probably shouldn't be involved in any big fight scenes against the Hound; but if it's a verbal battle, then he'd better watch out.

Had rumors of Angela Lansbury being cast come out in Season 2, there would have been a far more skeptical look on my face, but Game of Thrones has been killing it in the past couple of years in terms of bringing in big iconic actors for limited roles. Season 6 memorably had Max Von Sydow and Ian McShane, while Season 7 just recently tapped Jim Broadbent for a mystery role. So it's not so out of the question that Lansbury could show up at this point.

It would also be more of a stretch to think about if Lansbury had taken a notable hiatus from acting, but that's certainly not the case. She was most recently part of the stage production Blithe Spirit, which landed her an Olivier Award for her supporting role, and it was Driving Miss Daisy before that, which was seen here in the U.S. as part of PBS' Great Performances. On the big screen, she was last seen in Mr. Popper's Penguins, and her last TV roles were for her Emmy-nominated guest spots on Law & Order: SVU and Law & Order: Trial By Jury. Something tells me more Emmy nods would be on the horizon if she joins Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones Season 7 won't be pushing audiences to the brink of their sanity for a while yet, as the shortened penultimate season isn't set to bow on HBO until around or after the midpoint of 2017. Thankfully, most of your other favorite shows are just around the corner, so check out our fall TV schedule to see when everything is coming.

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