Adam West’s Batman Is Finally Teaming Up With Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman, Get The Details

Although interconnected superhero movie universes are a relatively new phenomenon, live action comic book characters have existed for decades. Sure, Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot are great, but Adam West and Lynda Carter nailed Batman and Wonder Woman long before the creation of the DCEU. These versions of such iconic characters have become firmly ingrained in our collective consciousness, and it seems that they will finally meet within the pages of DC Comics. Take a look at the tweet below to see for yourself.

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DC Comics has officially announced that Adam West's Batman and Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman will meet one another in an upcoming issue of Batman '66. Although the above tweet does not provide any real insight into the narrative ramifications of the interaction between the two characters, the artworks shows Wonder Woman deflecting gunshots with her Bracelets of Submission while Batman takes cover behind a shield. It's camp at its finest, but these two characters are clearly going to get into some serious trouble. Readers will just have to find out for themselves when the issue hits shelves in January.

Superheroes from yesteryear seem to have become incredibly popular with comic book fans recently. Although dark and gritty comic book characters are currently the standard on the silver screen, there's still a very committed segment of the superhero fan base that enjoys the old school camp of Adam West and Lynda Carter. This passion has bled into comics with the creation of Batman '66, and it has even led to the production of a brand new film in the form of Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders, which will debut later this month.

Check out a trailer for Return of the Caped Crusaders below:

If that doesn't make you excited for a bygone era of superhero TV shows, then I really don't know what will. There are multiple ways to depict iconic comic book characters in live action, and this crossover really hammers that idea home. We love the inherent darkness of the DCEU, the wackiness of old DC TV series and movies will always have a special place in our hearts. Camp never goes out of style.

CinemaBlend will bring you any and all relevant details related to the impending team-up between Adam West's Batman and Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman as more pertinent information becomes available to us. The crossover issue of Batman '66 will hit shelves in January.

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