Will Lynda Carter Be In The Wonder Woman Movie? Here's What She Says

When it comes to Wonder Woman, few know the character better than Lynda Carter, who played her in the titular TV series from 1975 to 1979. Nearly 40 years later, the show is still considered a classic that made the Amazon warrior a pop culture phenomenon. Many wonder if she'll have a presence in the 2017 Wonder Woman movie. While that decision hasn’t been made yet, Carter does have stipulations on what type of role she would accept in the superheroine’s live-action cinematic debut.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Carter was asked whether she had talked with anyone from Warner Bros. about being involved with the film. Carter stated that conversation hasn’t happened yet, but if she were to appear, she wouldn’t accept just any tiny role. She said:

It’s not so much that I want a cameo. If I had a part, if there was something that was nice about it, that was a piece that meant something, whether I was the mother or an image from the past or whatever it is, then it would be a little bit different. But just to do a walk-on as a cameo for the fun of it, I probably wouldn’t do it.

Of all the roles in the Wonder Woman mythos, it would be interesting to see Carter portray Hippolyta, Wonder Woman’s mother from the comics, who is the queen of the Amazons on Paradise Island. Wonder Woman’s original origin had Hippolyta sculpting her daughter out of clay before the Greek deities breathed life into her, but in the New 52 origin, which is what the DCCU version will be based on, Hippolyta gave birth to Diana after a relationship with Zeus. So if Carter was offered the Hippolyta role, it would at least be a supporting role and certainly more than just a walk-on cameo.

The recent departure of director Michelle MacLaren from Wonder Woman due to creative differences was also addressed during the interview. Carter mentioned she would be open to serving as a creative consultant, but whether that happens or not, she stated that the film needs to have a woman at the helm. In her eyes, a male director doesn’t understand women to the degree that Wonder Woman needs, whereas a female director will have better luck understanding the psychology of the character.

Moviegoers can look forward to actress Gal Gadot debut as the next live-action Wonder Woman when Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is released on March 25, 2016, with her solo movie following on June 23, 2017. 

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