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It's been a long few months since The Walking Dead's finale in April, and we still haven't stopped talking about it. The controversial cliffhanger saw Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Negan bring down the hammer (or...barbed wire bat as the case may be) down on a member of Rick's group. Since then, every single possibility and outcome has been theorized by the fans, with everyone having their own idea of who died in "Last Day on Earth". One of the more popular fan theories is that Negan will kill more than one survivor in Season 7's premiere, as Negan made it very clear that he would kill anyone who tried to stop his assault. Now it appears that that theory may be be true.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan recently sat down for an interview with Den of Geek, where he discussed what Season 7 has to offer the fans. When talking about the premiere episode, the actor let slip that more than one fatality is coming, saying:

Negan's not just going to kill one person in [the premiere]. He's not afraid of bashing in skulls.

Uh oh. Someone is going to get in some serious trouble with AMC.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan has seemingly confirmed that more than one character is going to die in the opening moments of The Walking Dead. While this has been hinted at a few times by Robert Kirkman and the like, it's the first time that a solid answer has been provided. Negan is going to bash in more than one skull, so let's get to theorizing about who exactly is going to die.

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I've got to say that Jeffrey Dean Morgan's reveal does not bode well for everyone's favorite ginger, Abraham. During the suspenseful Season 6 finale, Abraham seemed to be the least scared of Negan. While the villain was sizing up his potential victims, Abraham stepped to him a bit. Rather than looking away, he sat up on his knees and looked Negan in the eye- basically begging him to chose Abraham. I assume the opening moments in the premiere will go like this: Negan kills one of the characters, they all cry, Abraham tries to stop Negan or protect someone else, and he gets Lucille as a punishment. Bye Bye Abey.

Abraham's death would be one of the most dynamic for the supporting characters, creating a ripple effect through Alexandria. He and Eugene finally connected in the season finale, and Sasha and Abraham decided they'd like to try having a baby in the future. Additionally, Rosita will have to witness her ex-lover's demise, and she and Sasha would presumably come to blows regarding who has the right to grieve the most. Sasha and Rosita's relationship has been non verbal since Abe started dating Sasha, so it would be really great TV to see the ladies finally coming to blows.

Of course, we'll just have to wait until The Walking Dead returns to finally know which character(s) bite the dust. The apocalyptic drama will premiere on AMC October 23rd.

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