Watch Sasha and Abraham Fear For Their Lives In The Walking Dead's Opening Moments

We finally made it, people. The Walking Dead’s midseason premiere is just a few days away, and this Sunday we’ll finally be able to see which characters bite the dust. One of the big cliffhangers from the The Walking Dead’s midseason finale “Start To Finish” was Abraham, Daryl, and Sasha’s precarious encounter with the Saviors, including the first utterance of Negan’s name. Well, AMC has given us an early Valentine’s Day gift, and shared the first four minutes of the episode with us. Check it out below.

Did anyone else just get goosebumps? Things are looking seriously bad for the trio, especially Abraham and Sasha. The lead Savior isn’t messing around, and it really looks like one of the two might be getting “capped” in the opening moments of the episode.

While this scene was brief in length, it really gave us an inside look at the psyche of The Saviors. It’s a fairly large group of heavily armed, strong looking men who are holding up our trio of survivors. The lead Savior’s dialogue makes it seem like that particular group has done this type of robbery quite a few times before. He’s got certain lines and catchphrases that seem to be old hat, and furthermore he’s used to his victims giving into their demands. His bit about eating shit “Bite, Chew, Swallow, Repeat” is used twice in the four minutes alone. So, it appears that the Saviors aren’t disillusioned about their theft. They know it’s wrong, that they’re making people eat shit, yet they do it anyway.

The Savior’s strange set of rules is also shown to be non-negotiable. The lead Savior tells our trio not to ask any questions, and when Abraham dares to query as to who Negan is, it triggers an intense reaction. He broke a rule, which means that someone may have to die. This extremist attitude to their particular set of rules is surely going to be expanded upon as the season continues. It was hinted at by Dwight’s earlier interaction with Daryl, as well as the scarred Savior that is in the bike gang. If Negan’s rules aren’t followed, something terrible happens.

Besides all the new information we were given, Sasha and Abraham’s relationship was once again highlighted in this sneak peek. When Abraham was about to be shot by the Savior, Sasha couldn’t help but speak up. Now the question is: was this because the two are just friends, or something more? I felt like their chemistry was shown in “Always Accountable”, which was an interesting opposition to the Rosita/Abraham relationship we’ve seen thus far.

Only time will tell if this relationship is fleshed out further. Or if one of them is about to get popped by the Saviors.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC this Sunday, February 14th.

Corey Chichizola
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