The Simpsons Predicted The Newest Nobel Prize Winner 6 Years Ago

Just a few short days ago, Oliver Hart and Bengt Holmström earned one of the most distinguished prizes when they took home the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences for what they have contributed to contract theory. For years, both men have been respected professors, and about six years ago, a random episode of The Simpsons even predicted Bengt Holmström would earn the accolade.

During the Season 22 premiere episode "Elementary School Musical," Homer, Lisa, Milhouse, Martin and others put a pool together to bet on who would win the Nobel Prize for Economics, Chemistry and other categories. We got to see the Nobel Prize for Economics get announced, and while Jagdish Bhagwati won the fictional award on the animated TV show, Milhouse actually cast his vote for Bengt Holmström, who really did win the award in 2016. You can catch the amusing segment, below, and can see their betting pool in its entirety at the 18-second mark.

MIT, where Bengt Holmström currently is a professor, reminded us of the fun episode, which also features Krusty the Clown winning the Nobel Peace Prize, much to Lisa's chagrin. The whole thing turned out to be a scam to get Krusty in front of the court, and while he gets out of it with a little help from Homer, we now believe that Milhouse was the real winner in the episode, even if Martin won the pool at the time.

This time, everything's really coming up Millhouse.

millhouse winning

The Simpsons didn't plan a Nobel Peace Prize-oriented episode this season---at least so far--but Season 28 has already kicked off on Fox. Sunday's episode is actually going to be the annual "Treehouse of Horror" episode and will feature Springfield kids fighting to the death and Lisa's imaginary friend killing her real friend. This year's 27th annual Treehouse episode also happens to be the show's 600th episode, as well. Tune in on Sunday night at 8 p.m. ET to catch new episodes as part of Fox's Sunday Funday lineup. In addition, you can take a look at which shows have yet to premiere with our Fall TV premiere schedule.

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